Adria Matthew is an Elementary School Teacher by day, dreaming and tinkering in her Prescott, Arizona studio by night.

"Design is a story, it's an adventure. It's materiality, it is form, it is texture, it is all things livable.  When I begin a design, I step back and let the material sing to me in its native language, and that determines my process.  In Adie world, design isn't always about the end result, it is about the process and feeling myself fall in love with it the whole time. The "product" is all about inviting others to join in and create the end of the story when they wear it, look at it, or use it. Ultimately, when I send my pieces into the world it is really just manifesting a lived story, so I consider each piece I make a vessel for adventure! I am so grateful to have this process enrich my life as it has, and I hope to share a little bit of that feeling with others through my work."

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